An Artifact Management Platform

Indy Documentation


Indy (formerly AProx) has its roots in the relatively simple task of managing proxies to remote Maven repositories, and the grouping logic necessary to aggregate them. However, its feature set has grown far beyond this initial purpose to make it simpler to work with Maven artifacts and repositories in a number of ways. This is no mere repository manager; it is a platform for managing access to Maven artifacts and the repositories that contain them.

Why a platform?

In addition to its core functionality, Indy provides a framework and API for working with the artifacts it has access to, and that flow through it. It also has a Java client API for accessing these functions, both the core features and the add-ons. And in its development, we’ve gone to great lengths to make Indy accessible in a number of ways, ranging from embedding Indy in your application to continuous deployment in a Docker infrastructure (with the help of its sister project indy-docker).

Why Name It ‘Indy’?

Because it retrieves artifacts!

Our Feature Selections

Some of the more interesting features provided by Indy are: